Group Exhibitions


2018             Ewing Gallery, "Between the Lines" organized by AAA. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.

2017             Zürcher Gallery, "25 ans". Paris, France.

                     Jean-Paul Najar Foundation, Artists Run New York: the Seventies, . Dubai, UAE.

                     Mathilde Hatzenberger Gallery, Nasty Women Show. Brussels, Belgium.

                     Galerie Zürcher, Les Artistes Américains de la Galerie Zürcher. Paris, France.                     

2016             Hal Bromm Gallery, 1970s. New York, NY.

                     Zürcher Gallery, "1970's: 9 Women and Abstraction". New York, NY.

                     Rush Art Gallery, "21st Century Abstract Painting & Sculpture". New York, NY.

                     The Shirley Fiterman Art Center, "Chromatic Space". New York, NY.

                      Russell Collection Fine Art, "Umlauf Generations". Austin, TX.

                      Zürcher Gallery, "Salon Zürcher: the 12th edition of a mini art fair". New York, NY.

                      Abrons Art Center, "Visible Histories". New York, NY.

                      Proto Gallery, "Beautiful Liars". Hoboken, NJ.

                      Pink Art Fair. Seoul, Korea.

2015              Sidney Mishkin Gallery, "Small Works/Baruch". New York, NY.

                      Sideshow Gallery, "Circle The Wagons!!!". Brooklyn, NY.

                      Hal Bromm Gallery, ""40". New York, NY.

2014              Sideshow Gallery, "Sideshow Nation II at the Alamo". Brooklyn, NY.

                      Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, "Paperazzi 3", Brooklyn, NY.

2013              Kunstverein Schwimmhalle Schloss Plön im Kulturforum, "WESTWIND (III)". Plön, Germany.

                      Sideshow Gallery, "Sideshow Nation". Brooklyn, NY.

2012              Sideshow Gallery, "mic:check (The : human mic) 489 artists : 520 works". Brooklyn, NY.

2011              210 Gallery, "Oink". Brooklyn, NY.

                     Creon Gallery, "Art Pairs", Pop-Up Exhibition. New York, NY.

                      Sculpture Key West, "Angeline", Biennial Exhibition. Key West, FL.

                      Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum, "UMLAUF : The Next Generation". Austin, TX.

                      Sideshow Gallery, "It's All Good!! apocalypse now". Brooklyn, NY.

                     TriBeCa Open, "Artist Collections". New York, NY. 

2010              Sideshow, "It's a Wonderful 10th", Brooklyn, NY.

                      Galleria Plurima, "Auguri". Udine, Italy.

2009            Galerie Biedermann, "Sniper". Munich, Germany.

                     Sideshow Gallery, "It's a Wonderful Life". Brooklyn, NY.

                      Holland Tunnel Gallery, "Delft Blues". Brooklyn, NY.

2008             Sideshow Gallery, "Peace". Brooklyn, NY.

                      Holland Tunnel Gallery, "Night and Day". Brooklyn, NY.

                      210 Gallery, "PULP". Brooklyn, NY.

                      Stairmasters, "Night / Day". Brooklyn, NY.

                      St. Petri zu Lübeck, "Lynn Umlauf und Michael Goldberg", (illus. catalogue). Lübeck, Germany.

2007             Galerie Grashney, "Künstlerpaare". Konstanz, Germany.

                      Holland Tunnel Gallery and Stairmasters, "Art Club Jazz". Brooklyn, NY.

                      Holland Tunnel Gallery, "BLAST". Brooklyn, NY.

                      Sideshow Gallery, "WAR is Over AGAIN", Brooklyn, NY.

                      "Vado Fuori al Aperto", Lynn Umlauf and Michael Goldberg and the Killer Shark, Performance.                          Viterbo, Italy.

2006             Andre Zarre Gallery, "An Artist's Artists". New York, NY.

                      Installation on the Prignano Tower, "1˙ Simposio D'Arte con Materiali Di Riciclo", for the                                    exhibtion "Rifiutinart (The Art of the Recylce)". (illus. catalogue). Prignano (Modena), Italy. 

                     Sideshow Gallery, "WAR is Over". Brooklyn, NY.

                     Trumbull Butler Art Museum, "Elements of Abstraction: In Stillness". Youngstown, OH.

                     "12 Jahre Sommerakademie Wismar. eine Retrospektive", (illus. catalogue). Wismar, Germany.

2005             Galleria Plurima. Udine, Italy.

2004             The Ohio State University, Hopkins Hall, "Visiting Artists/New Faculty". Columbus, OH.

2003             Holland Tunnel Gallery, "Away From Home", Curated by Fran Kornfeld. Brooklyn, NY.

                     The International Museum of Women in Art, "Rose's Choice", (illus. catalogue), Scontrone.                             (AQ) Abruzzo, Italy.

                     Galleria Plurima, "Plurima 1973 - 2003". Udine, Italy.

2002            Zimmerli Museum, "Collections Installed", Mason Gross School of the Arts. New Brunswick,                              NJ.

2001              Museo Revoltella, "Lynn Umlauf", Presentation by Lucio Pozzi. Trieste, Italy.

                      W.A.H. Center, "Local Papers". Brooklyn, NY.

1999              Old New York Gallery, "Orchard Street Centennial". New York, NY.

                      Teatro Stabile del Friuli-Venezia e Guilia, "Un Immaginario per l'Amletto". Trieste, Italy.

                      Galleria Verso, L'Arte. Rome, Italy. 

                      Westbeth Gallery, "The Strength of Drawing". New York, NY.

1998              Gallery 128, "50 : 50". New York, NY.

                      Galleria Peccolo, "Borderer", Livorno, Italy.

                      "Oggetto e Colore", organized by Paolo Patelli. Sambughe, Italy.

                      The Old New York Gallery, "Inaugural Show". New York, NY.

                      Osterio Magno Palace, Cefalu, "Europe - USA and the Epoch of Unimplosive Art", (Illus.                                   catalogue), curated by Cermelo Strano. Palermo, Italy.

1997              Condeso / Lawler Gallery, "Abstraction Index". New York, NY.

                      Longview Art Museum, "Family Ties". Longview, TX.

                      Nadia Bassanese Studio d'Arte, "Un Immaginario per Il Flauto Magico", (illus. catalogue).                                  Trieste, Italy.

                      "Presenze", artisti stranieri oggi in Italia 1997, Biennial IV. Perugia, Italy.

                      School of Visual Arts, Soho Gallery, "Works by Curators of the Visual Arts Gallery 1979-97".                            New York, NY.

                      Trans-Hudson Gallery, "The Whole World is a Small Painting". New York, NY.

1996              Penine Hart Gallery. New York, NY.

1994              "Bassanese at Revoltella Museum". Trieste, Italy.

1993              Alexandria Museum of Art, 12th Annual September Competition, (illus. catalogue).                                            Alexandria, LA.

                      Revoltella Museum, "Plurima at Revoltella Museum". Trieste, Italy.

1992               Kenkeleba House, "Contemporary Sculptors", N. Ward, L. Pace, T. Adkins, A. Rush, H.                                      Ramsaran, S. Chusit, M. Held, L. Umlauf, G. Smith. New York, NY.

                       Sculpture Center. New York, NY.

1991               Penine Hart Gallery. New York, NY.

                      Sculpture Center. New York, NY.

                      Valentino Turchetto/Plurima. Udine, Italy.

1990              Deutsch Foundation avec le Concours du Centre des Arts Contemporains D'Orleans,                                    "L'Aventure De L'Abstraction 1960-1990, Collection J.P. Najar-Obregon", (illus. catalogue).                                 France.

                      Penine Hart Gallery. New York, NY.

                      Valentino Turchetto / Plurima. Milan, Italy.

1988              Saxon-Lee Gallery, "Solid Abstraction", curated by Saul Ostrow. Los Angeles, CA>

                      "The Success of Failure", curated by Joel Fisher, (illus. catalogue), traveling exhibit                                           organized and circulated by Independent Curators, Inc. NY 1987-88. Laumeier Sculpture                                   Park and Gallery. St. Louis, MO; Johnson Gallery, Middlebury College. Middlebury, VT;                                     University of Arizona Museum of Art. Tuscon, AZ.

1987              Anita Shapolsky Gallery, "Constructs". New York, NY.

                      Grace Borgenicht Gallery, "Invitational Exhibtion" (illus. catalogue). New York, NY.

                      List Art Center, "Alternative Supports : Contemporary Sculpture on the Wall", (illus. catalogue)                         Brown University. Providence, RI.

1986              Hal Bromm Gallery, "Ten" (anniversary show) (illus. catalogue) New York, NY.

                      Indianapolis Museum of Art, "Painting and Sculpture Today, 1986". Indianapolis, IN.

1985              City Gallery, Dept. Cultural Affairs, "Paper: From Surface to Form", Curated by Tiffany Bell.                            New York, NY.

                      Fine Arts Center, "Diversity - New York Artists", (illus. catalogue), University of Rhode Island.                          Providence, RI.

                      Garces Belasquez Galleria, "Abstraction on Paper". Bogota, Columbia.

                      Kamikaze, "Non-Objective World", curated by Stephen Westfall. New York, NY.

1984              Benice Steinbaum Gallery, "1+1 = 2", (illus. catalogue). New York, NY.

                      Susan Montezinos Gallery, "Fifteen Abstract Artists", Curated by Per Jensen. Philadelphia,                               PA. 

1981               Eaton / Shoen Gallery, "Hal Bromm/New York", (illus. catalogue). San Fransisco, CA.

                      Hal Bromm Gallery, "Small Scale", New York, NY.

                      Hal Bromm Gallery, "The Summer Show". New York, NY.

1980              Banco Gallery, "New York: 1980", curated by Hal Bromm. Brescia, Italy.

                      Galerie Chantal Crousel. Paris, France.

                      Grand Palais, "L'Amerique aux Independents". Paris, France.

                      Jeffrey Fuller Gallery, "Painted Structures". Philadelphia, PA.

                      "L'Epace 13", curated by Farideh Cadot. Paris, France.

                      Musee de la Villa de Toulon, "Salon International d'Art Toulon". France.

                      Neuberger Museum, "Seven Artists", (illus. catalogue). Purchase, NY.

                      Portland Center for the Visual Arts, "Drawings of a DIfferent Nature". Portland, OR.

1979              Ben Shahn Gallery, "Painting : Five Views", (illus. catalogue), William Patterson College.                                    Wayne, NJ.

                     Hal Bromm Gallery, "The Summer Show". New York, NY.

                     Galleria del Milione. Milan, Italy.

                      Palazzo dei Diamannti. Ferrara, Italy.

                      Studio la Citta, "Procedimento - Process", (illus. catalogue). Verona, Italy. 

1978             Centre Cultural du Marais, "Focus '78", (Illus. catalogue). Paris, France.

                     Indianapolis Museum of Art, "Painting & Sculpture Today". Indianapolis, IN.

                      Landesmuseum, "Bilder ohne Bilder" (Painting not Painting), (illus. catalogue), Curator: Klaus                             Honnef, Bonn, Germany.

                      Studio Ennesse, "1,2,3,n", curated by Filiberto Menna, (illus. catalogue). Milan, Italy.

                       Villa Mirabello, Varese; Museo Butti, "Disseminazione", curated by Filiberto Menna, (illus.                                  catalogue). Viggiu, Italy.

1977               Hal Bromm Gallery, "Moving". New York, NY.

                      J.P. Najar/ G Mollet-Vieville, "Works on Paper". Paris, France.

                      Marian Locks Gallery, "Young New York Artists". Philadelphia, PA>

                      P.S.1., "A Painting Show". Long Island City, New York, NY

                      Young Hoffman Gallery. Chicago, IL.

1976               P.S.1. "A Month of Sundays". Long Island City, New York, NY.

                       Studio la Citta, "Il Nostro Spazio...". Verona, Italy.

1975               John Weber Gallery, "Invitation Exhibition". New York, NY.

                       Whitney Museum of American Art, "Biennial", (illus. catalogue). New York, NY.

1974               Bykert Downtown. New York.

                      Centro la Cappella, "Per Pura Pittura". Trieste, Italy.

                      Galleria La Seconda Scala. Rome, Italy.

                      Studio La Citta, "Sette Artisti Americani". Verona, Italy.

1973               Acireale e Galleria La Seconda Scala, "Riflessioni sulla Pittura", (illus. catalogue). Rome,                                  Italy.

                       Brooklyn Community College, "Four Artists". Brooklyn, NY.

1972               Reese Palley Gallery. New York, NY.

1970               Fairleigh-Dickenson University Art Gallery, NJ.

1966               Palazzo Strozzi, "Quattro Artisti", selected by Primo Conti. Firenze, Italy.